Smallville – 10 seasons [2001-2011]


Description: The numerous miraculous rescues by the local wonder boy Clark Kent (Tom Welling) have aroused suspicions amongst colonials of Smallville, Kansas. Interestingly, the boy has managed to downplay his acts of various heroic egresses in the past. They say he’s either too fast or has a penchant for finding trouble. He was found by Martha (Annette O’Toole) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) on the day of an infamous meteor shower, and subsequently adopted. Clark’s friend Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), the only heir of LuthorCorp, has been secretly investigating grounds for Clark’s outlandish valor. However, on the face of it, Clark just seems to be a normal boy who’s slightly more secretive than usual.

Creators: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Stars: Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack

Taglines: His journey, their battle, our future.


  • The Luthor mansion is the same mansion used in X2: X-Men United (2003) and Arrow (2012).
  • Jensen Ackles, who played Jason Teague in season four, was the second choice to play Clark Kent. If Tom Welling had not accepted the part, the role would have gone to him
  • Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) are the only actors to appear in all ten seasons.
  • According to DVD commentary, Tom Welling was known to wander around the set muttering under his breath, “Clark is an idiot! He is such an idiot!”
  • Identical twin brothers Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Ashmore appeared on this show throughout the seasons. Shawn as Eric Summers in season one, episode twelve, “Leech” and season three, episode nine, “Asylum”; and then Aaron as Jimmy Olsen from season six on.
  • Since the start of the “Superman” comic book, there has been an abundance of characters with the initials “L.L.” including Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Lori Lemaris, Lucy Lane, Linda Lee, et cetera. This show continued that naming tradition with several of the characters created for the show, including Lex’s parents, Lionel and Lillian Luthor, his brother, Lucas Luthor, and Lana’s parents, Laura and Lewis Lang. It is also revealed in a later episode that Tess Mercer’s original name was Lutessa Luthor.
  • The characters of Chloe Sullivan and Whitney Forman were created specifically for the show (they were never mentioned in the Superman comics). However, in 2003, DC Comics announced that Chloe would be introduced into the Superman comics.

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